Death is not the end
Death can never be the end.

Death is the road.
Life is the traveller.
The Soul is the Guide


Our mind thinks of death.
Our heart thinks of life

Our soul thinks of Immortality.

happy birthday naz



bergambar itu biasa bagi kami

lepas makan

half from them

makan time


14 jan 2010

1830pm : dengan rakan2 ambas yg lain pergi kfc dungun sebab dijemput oleh abang kamsan utk celebrate bfday dia yg ke-19

1900pm : total makan serat steng plus 3 table dipenuhi rakan2 lain.start nyanyi lagu "allah s selamatkan kamu" plus huru hara keadaan dengan anak2 bangsa lain turut meraikan
hari jadi sahabatnya.dah habis all everything, mula makan,makan dan makan.

1930pm : habis makan ayam,makan + main dengan kek.semua gembira tak igt dunia termasuk anak abdullah tu.

1945pm : bergambar pekara wajib

2100pm : balik semula ke tempat asal plus berpecah semua

2130pm : lepak pantai,tgk ombak sampai 10 malam

1005pm : pulang ke kolej masing2 dengan hati yg bergembira sama sekali. ;)

POST 2: picture of my best friend and i when i was at pre-commerce till now



this picture was taken when tun dr mahathir came to uitm dungun

POST 1: me myself and i



I am me. No one knows me better than myself. Even though I’m already a year through university, I’m still always learning new things about who I am. Only I can control the way I behave, the way I feel, and the way I react in different situations, no one else has that ability. So it should come as no surprise that I know more about myself than any other individual. There are many characteristics of me that make me unique and distinct from any other person.

By the way, my name is Muaz bin hisham. I live at Segamat Johor since i was born till now. I was born on 8th May 1991 at the Hospital Segamat and 19 years old this year. My dad is also from Johor but only my mum came from Narathiwat, Thailand."sawadikap". So i the mixture half from Malaysia and Thailand. My father actually had school at the Bandar Dungun till 3 years. This is because his Paksu or to me i call his Atuk Su is head master from one school at Sura Gate. But before this, His school name is English Secondary School but now the name is already changed. I have 5 sibilngs including me. I'm the last one. My first brother name is Abdul Wahid bin Hisham, 29 years old, already had married and get 2 son's from his wedding. The second is my sister, the name had given from wife of Rasulullah wife's. Her name is Aisyah binti Hisham. She also had married and got 2 son's. The second of my brother name is Ammar bin Hisham, he is 24 years old. Currently work at PNB Darby Park Hotel behind the KLCC tower. The third of my brother is Salman bin Hisham is 20 years old and curretnly study at Insitut Pertanian,Ayer Hitam. And the last is i. Currently study at UITM Dungun.

I have a lot good and bad experience from my life, to me my good experience with my family is my sibling started join my dad hobbies is travelling. Since he was secondary school, he started to travelling with her brother and friend around the world. First place that he travel is India on years 70s-80s something. So my first brother travel to Saudi Arabia,Indonesia,Thailand and many more when he finish secondary school. My second brother travel to Thailand first before he also travel to Saudi Arabia. My last brother and i had travel just around the Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia and China. I'm didn't to proud about my good experience. Just want to tell you everyone how about my family life.

About my interest, I like to listening english song. I don't know why, mabye my father is also like to listening english music. I like some bands and solo singer as example Coldplay, Keane, The Strokes, etc. About the solo singer i like Phil Collins, John Mayer, T.I, and many more. About my favourite book, when i was standard 6, i like to reading Gempak, Utopia comic. But now i didn't have my favourite comic or else right now. Just wake up early morning, going to "warung amir posto" while reading the paper everyday with my family or my brother. About the favourite tv channel, i like to watching Discovery Channel. My favourite show is Man vs Wild. It would be Bear Grylls in the wild and nothing happening you know, 'cause textbook survival says "you land, you get yourself comfortable". You wait for rescue, you don't do anything. It would be a boring show. The show is how to deal if you fall into quick sand, if you get attacked by an alligator, if you have to make a raft. I get a really good briefing berfore they go. About the movie, i like about the science fiksyen film like The Lord of The Ring, The Narnia and many more.

It's also form me about my life, my interest, and my family.To me, my family is the good one. I'll respect to my father how his tech their son till now.To all my family, I LOVE YOU. I hope i can see my family before they want to go to Bali for holiday. Nak ikut laaa!!!!

p/s ayat tunggang langgang.sorry

graduation day



i wish dat 1 day the beauty of graudation on clss BMD1MB will be happen


tiada niat apa2 pun



Okay , at first place. i have no idea on what to write. Im sorry if my post contain lots of crap and cakap macam india tak tentu pasal. I feel very lonely right now. Probably because first class already had assignments. so , feel macam grr lah kan. Haih . pergi libray cari buku pun tak jumpa. apa lah nak jawab esok

and oh going out with kawan tomorrow . sebab nak teman dia cari barang kt mydin dungun.

The end of 2009 , my first time celebrate new year dekat dalam kereta. padahal otw pergi kuantan sama adik beradik ambas. sampai kt kuantan pukul 130am something. lepak till 5am then balik semua tidur dalam kereta. aku drive sorang2 plus nak masuk kerja kilang. hahaha